Torlesse Scout Zone
C-Jam 2007-2008

C-Jam 2007-2008

Zone Jamboree News

UPDATE 20 May: Now that registrations are closed we can see the final form of the Torlesse contingent. Altogether, 146 scouts from our Zone have made the commitment to attend CJAM - that's enough to make up 5 troops. Your jamboree committee is working hard behind the scenes to make sure each troop will have all the equipment necessary for a safe and comfortable camp. They've also got some great ideas for uniform and troop badges which we'll preview later. Over the next few months, leaders with the troops will be meeting to arrange patrols and appoint PL's and APL's. We'll let you know more about the arrangement of troops and patrols once this is done.
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Torlesse Zone is a part of the Upper South Island Region of Scouting New Zealand