We at Russley Scout Group are very fortunate to have access to the Russley School Hall for our Group Headquarters. This is located on Cutts Road, provides off street parking with excellent facilities, which meet all our requirements without having large overheads. While this is an ideal location for our weekly activities, we are also extremely lucky to have within easy access Rimu Park, which we do utilise for a lot of our camps, and summer activities, as well as some winter activities. We are also within easy reach of Omaka, which provides us with a wonderful alternative for camping and other interesting ventures.


One of our major bonuses at Russley Scout Group are our very active and dedicated Group Leaders, who all put a lot of time, effort and research into each terms activities, ensuring all participants are catered for and involved. Included in theses activities are camps which are held during the warmer terms, outings which families are encouraged to join in to such places as Quail Island, as well as conservation inclined activities and just plain fun events like ten pin bowling, go cart racing and the like. This is reflected in our growing numbers and eager members.


If you would like more information on Russley Scout Group, or are interested in coming along to join or for a visit, you can contact the Group Secretary on 3426-243 or visit on the appropriate evening session where you will be made most welcome.












6-8 yrs



3:30 - 4:45 pm


8 10 yrs



6:30 8 pm


10 - 14 yrs


7-9 pm