About Torlesse Zone

From January 2007 the Zone was formed from the groups in the old Deans District and the old Omaka District.

Deans District was formed on 1 Feb 1997 from goups in the old Rimu, Selwyn and Kauri (1 group) Districts.

The Zone covers the area of the old Deabs District and the old Omaka district, and includes the following groups.

Current Groups are

Group NameDate FormedNotes
Darfield15-Aug-1958An Anglican group also existed in 1919, and Darfield Group also existed Aug 1946-1949
Gordon30-Aug-1954Known as 'Gordons' in 1955-57, reregistered 10 Nov 1960
Holmes Park1-Mar-1944Changes name from St Peter's 9 Apr 1963.
Riccarton30-Oct-1944St Ninian's Group registered in 1930 then changed name to Riccarton sometime before 1930
St Joseph's 
West Melton30-Jun-1964Originally met in old building next to West Melton Community Centre. Den opened 1969.
Deans Rovers19-Feb-1951Originally part of Riccarton Group, Crew re-registered 16 Jul 1958

  • Zone Goals

  • Torlesse Zone is a part of the Northern South Island Region of Scouting New Zealand